Fund Raising and Application Plan

XMCT mechanism

XMCT is issued by initial coin offering (ICO) with an upper limit set, which accounts for 11.4% of the total tokens generated. For more information, see Chapter below. XMCT total supply will be set as: 700,000,000 XMCT. 11.4% tokens will be used in ICO public sale. The price is 0.1 USD Dollar for 1 XMCT.

XMCT Sale Structure

• Hard Cap:USD 8M

• Allocation to early contributors and investors

• Private Seed

      $2M (Invite Only)

• Private Pre-sale

      $4M (Invite Only)

      Please Advise XMC Team of the private presale bonus Structure

• Public Pre-sale

      $2M, (Invite Only)15% Bonus

      50% Principle lockup for 3 months

      Bonus Lockup for 3 months

      Individual 2ETH - 50ETH

XMCT total usage analysis

Tokens issued will be distributed as follows:

• 11.4% traded token funds are owned by the foundation

• 63.6% reserved tokens are held by the foundation for:

--33.6% for the sustained development of the foundation

--30% for the ecological deployment

• 15% owned by all employees of the foundation

• 10% owned by the early purchasers

• 30% of the foundation's savings tokens are not for sale for 24 months

• The XMCT held by the early purchasers shall not be sold for 6 months.

• Foundation employees hold XMCT sharing a turnover period of 12 months, with a quarterly turnover of 25% and are not to be sold for 6 months.

Capital usage budget

• 5% - Legal & related administration fees on token sale raising.

• 10% - Domestic and international publicity & Ecological Construction

• 30% - R&D team expansion

• 25% - Marketing usage

• 30%- Build offline payment networks in different countries to speed up users acquisition

  • Compliance

    XMCT refers to Litecoin and other well-known encryption of digital coin,it also reter's to a nonprofit foundation named Public Company Limited by Guarantee in Singapore. The main task of the foundation is to publicly, fairly and transparently operate the state of XMC, and support the development team.The solution of found management and the registration place will be chosen upon legal advice.

  • Token risk

    XMC has no intention of being an investment platform. XMCT are not securities, nor are they intended to resemble a security (debt or equity) in any form of any jurisdiction. XMCT is the digital currency that drives users to use the products in the platform. Holders of the XMCT will not be entitled to any dividends or distribution by the company nor are they empowered with any management rights over the platform and the company.

  • Project risk

    The same as any project, the development and execution of our platform may have the risk of delay or even failure. Although the core team has a good record in research,development and business management, this is not a guarantee for success. The team will strive to implement milestones outlined in the project roadmap and will publish our progress and challenges as transparently as possible.

  • Digital coin risk

    The volatility of digital coin is dramatic. Please do not buy XMCT over the amount you can accept. The best thing to do is to diversify your portfolio and make digital coin a reasonable part of your assets. This however does not constitute an investment advice. Like any blockchain, please take the time to understand our projects and visions. Our goal is to for purchasers from like-minded people who want to actively participate in our open research platform.

  • Regulatory risk

    Cryptographic tokens may be overseen by the legal and regulatory authorities of a number of jurisdictions globally. The XMCT may receive notices, queries, warnings, requests or rulings from one or more authorities upon short notice, or may even be ordered to suspend or terminate any action in connection with the token sale as a whole without prior notice. Furthermore, many aspects of the token sale also involve untested areas of law and regulation, and could be subject to new laws or regulations. Therefore, their legal and regulatory outcome in all relevant jurisdictions is not possible to predict. The planning, development, marketing, promotion, execution or otherwise of XMC or the token sale may be seriously affected, hindered, postponed or terminated as a result of such new laws and/or regulations. Since regulatory policies can change with or without prior notice, any existing regulatory permissions for or tolerance of XMC or the Token sale in any jurisdiction may be withdrawn without warning. XMCT could be deemed from time to time as a virtual commodity, a digital asset or even as money, securities or currency in various jurisdictions and therefore could be prohibited from being sold, purchased, traded, distributed or held in certain jurisdictions pursuant to local regulations. In turn, XMCT could be deemed to be a regulated or restricted product. There is no guarantee that XMCT and XMC can maintain any particular legal or regulatory status in any particular jurisdiction at any time.

For detailed Disclaimer, please refer to Whitepaper

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