1. What is XMC?

XMC is the World 1st Global Medical Blockchain + AI Big Data Platform. XMC utilizes blockchain’s advantages of decentralization consensus, credibility, immutability, transparency, mutual supervision and secrecy. It stores personal medical data into blockchain after eliminated privacy information and establish personal medical records management at the same times contribute to world medical data.

2. Why enterprises and patients need XMC?

XMC converts medical data into smart contracts and stores them in blockchains. Smart contracts of medical data can be efficiently applied to variety of health care related scenarios.

1. Users and Patients can upload and manage personal medical records through XMC, records will then be verified, validated and encrypted with blockchain technology.

2. Users establish medical data can receive XMCT as a reward for contribution to the world medical data.

3. XMC system searches and matches data in the database using AI technology. AI performs intelligent screening in different levels of results, optimizing medical resources, and realizing higher level utilization of AI in the medical field. Users can obtain quality search results by uploading medical record.

4. Under patient’s authorization, authorized enterprises have access and editing permission to the users’ medical records, for better diagnosis appointment, insurance services, shorten the processing time for claims and other value-added services.

3. What is advantages of XMC?

1. XMC is the first blockchain project for global medical service integration.

XMC applies the blockchain, AI and big data technologies in the blue ocean market of cross-border medical service. The decentralized feature of the blockchain technology ensures the instantaneous distribution of information. The AI and big data technologies provide accurate and objective analytical global medical solutions to users.

2. Safe and reliable medical data circulation.

The XMC system greatly improves data security. The encryption properties of the blockchain technology ensure the safe circulation of medical data. Patients can provide encrypted medical records to institutions and authorize data circulation among agencies with confidence.

3. Efficient data sharing among users

After obtaining user authorization, institutional users can share data efficiently and instantly within and between institutions by accessing the API of the XMC system. This feature ends the cumbersome data transfers in the past, enabling seamless integration between institutions. XMC shortens the trading cycle of medical institutions with their upstream suppliers and accelerates the reimbursement process involving medical institutions and insurance companies.

4. Utilization of global medical services

Individual users can obtain multi-dimensional global medical service advices from XMC’s analysis. Medical big data can solve the problem of information asymmetry, and provide patients with transparent medical information, including medical service prices, treatment programs, satisfaction rating and other relevant information, helping patients to select the best global medical program that meets their medical needs.

5. Build a health chain that everyone benefits from

XMC is an application with a wide range of users. Every individual or institutional user that provides and shares medical data can receive XMCT as a reward for the contribution to the medical ecosystem. Individual users can upload medical records and save encrypted data on XMC, making it a digital asset. Under smart contract agreement, institutions use XMC system API to efficiently manage medical data, improve the quality of medical services, and provide patients with more value-added services.

4. What are the benefits for regular users?

1. Users can upload and manage personal medical records through XMC, gaining primary stewardship of their own personal data that is not editable by other parties without authorization.

2. User that provides and shares medical data can receive XMCT as a reward for the contribution to the medical ecosystem.

3. The AI technologies provide accurate and objective analytical global medical solutions to users.

4. Users can use XMCT for services, such as medical advice, medical services and medical insurance

5. Investors can manage token assets in their wallet, which can be appreciation to investment value.

5. How field leaders and patients contribute to the system ?

XMC1.0 is BaaS oriented, Blockchain-as-a-Serivice, users generate individual information safety with high efficiency of blockchain technology which helps manage medical records.

XMC2.0 keeps going forward to 2.0 AaaS, which means Artificial-Intelligence-as-a-Service can serve people with global medical data and the best medical solution.

XMC3.0 is very entity medical needs oriented, medical and insurance services, and all medical related services can trade with XMC.

Medical filed leaders and patients contribute to development of world medical data and build a patient-oriented, sustainable, and intelligent ecosystem in medical data management, and help to build a more efficient global health care system.

6. How to transfer the share?

The account is the underlying unit of the smart contract, and the blockchain tracks the status of each account, so the state transitions on the blockchain at the end of contract execution reflected the final value in the corresponding accounts. The account is divided into an external account and a contract account. The difference is external account associated and controlled by human being while contract account is composed of internal control encoding. The contract account is "controlled" by human, since it is programmed with a specific address of the external account, and human user who held the private key to control access to the external account indirectly to the contract account. XMC asset exchange smart contract, based on the above smart contract principles and framework, is the core trading module in the XMC asset exchange platform.

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